Linux Hosting

Linux Hosting is one of the bulk republican options to Windows Hosting. The attributes of Linux Hosting Services include MySQL encourage, PHP, Apache Wed Server, Mod Rewrite, Chmod file approvals and many more. Some of the republican Linux Hosting services include RedHat, Debain, Slackware and others. It is low-cost and basically affordable. Also, the protection and stability of your website is ensured. It is compatible with all the ecommerce runs that are usually adapted by small scale financial collections worldwide.

M. I. Technosoft has seven shared web hosting prepares to receive your site on the web. Whether you have a small bodily site of simply a small proportion pages or a vast corporate site with many space and traffic conditions, we have a seven dissimilar web hosting prepares to suit your needs.

The reliability, speed, and functionality of LINUX Hosting are unrivaled. Combining industry-leading performance, reliability and encourage at an affordable price are the attributes of LINUX Hosting. Get FREE Microsoft FrontPage 2002 extensions and overriding account assertion authorities through our Web-based calm panel (Cpanel ).

Fast and Reliable Connectivity, Free systematic encourage by 24×7 Helpdesk, Unlimited FTP access, Cpanel calm panel, MYSQL database, PHP, CGI, Webmail, Graphical Stats with 99.5% Up-Time guaranteed. All servers safeguarded by sophisticated skilled people in USA more…